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Built in alignment with the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) for Theatre and Florida English Language Arts Standards, as well as the IB MYP and DP programmes, Digital Theatre+ enables students the opportunity to access an ever-growing collection of productions from around the world, covering a breadth of genres, periods and forms, and interviews with current, leading practitioners. We ensure that every student has the opportunity to exercise their right to high quality theatre access and education regardless of their geographical or financial limitations they may face.

Institution-wide access ensures that all relevant users can benefit from utilizing the service. Giving students individual access to Shakespeare, Miller and Ibsen can help empower them and enrich their cultural awareness. A subscription to the platform would provide your students with the tools they need to discover an ever-growing collection of productions and supporting material that cover core course objectives for Theatre and English Language Arts.

DT+ ensures that all students and faculty have constant, 24/7 access. Enabling teachers to save time, flip the classroom, or facilitate hybrid/in-person/online learning. Designed with leading practitioners and academics across all focus areas, allowing for a greater understanding of all elements: from literary analysis, historical context, playwriting, to acting, directing and technical theatre. DT+ develops critical and creative thinking.

A subscription can help you overcome your teaching challenges:

Save time lesson planning

Digital Theatre+ is a real time saver. Find thousands of standards-aligned teaching resources that make planning time quicker and easier than ever.

Engage all learners

Digital Theatre+ is easy to use, engaging, entertaining, and will extend your students' knowledge and understanding. Our different resource types include a broad range of written, visual and audio to help engage every type of learner while ensuring career readiness. New content is continually being added and updated.

Make your budget go further

Digital Theatre+ provides great value for money. Gain front row access to hundreds of live theatre productions and corresponding, relevant learning resources all in one place. To make the most of your free access (keep scrolling for details) please contact

Resources for all areas of Performing Arts

Design, Production, and Technical Theatre

  • Interviews with active practitioners on staging, sound, set, tech, scenography, costume, makeup, and lighting, exploring the day-to-day work and techniques they employ
  • See the finished products in action in corresponding productions
  • A comprehensive A-Z Guide to Technical Theatre
  • An in-depth guide to support students considering a career in stage management
  • A handy playlist of key design resources
  • Filmed and written materials designed to prepare students for their next step, into a career in the industry, including best practices, what to expect, and insights into the mechanics of the performing arts industries today
  • Acting

  • Hundreds of interviews and documentaries with currently working actors, providing insight into their respective creative processes across a wide range of acting styles
  • Insight from actors on their career progression from education onward
  • Hear the actors talk through their processes, watch them in action in rehearsal, and then see the finished product in the respective productions
  • Watch recorded lectures on acting with leading academics and masterclasses on style, voice, and movement from renowned practitioners
  • A comprehensive guide with accompanying filmed workshop created exclusively for DT+ by Audition Doctor, providing insider knowledge from a professional acting coach on how to navigate one's way from education through to a successful career in acting
  • Music / Dance

  • Recorded live music films spanning musical theatre, and orchestral, operatic, folk and blues performances, including music inspired by theatre
  • Interviews with active musicians, composers, musical directors, and sound designers, exploring their creative journeys from personal inspirations to their craft and practice, providing a window for students into the world of music theatre today
  • Critical Perspectives

  • Hundreds of Concise Introductions by leading scholars and teachers to a wide range of topics and key areas of study, from Acting (by Rose Whyman) to Zola (by Laurence Senelick), with questions to use in class and links to related content
  • A series of Shakespeare roundtables about practice, featuring actors, directors and scholars looking at the process of going from page to stage
  • In-depth essays on selected key topics and productions by critics and practitioners
  • Provocative think pieces by renowned critic Lyn Gardner looking at a range of issues of urgent concern for the theatre industry and education
  • The ‘4x45’ series offering new perspectives on theatre and performance
  • Documentaries and masterclasses on everything from Applied Theatre to World Theatre, and from Artaud to Zeami
  • Exclusive Education Partner - BroadwayHD

    We're delighted to announce the arrival of new productions as part of our exclusive partnership with BroadwayHD!

    Recently added titles include Pipeline, Dominique Morisseau’s searing and beautiful play about race, the American education system and inequality and Indecent, inspired by the true events surrounding Sholem Asch’s controversial 1923 Broadway debut.

    We will also soon be adding productions such as The Gabriels: Election Year in the Life of One Family, Richard Nelson’s critically acclaimed trilogy which looks at family, loss, history and politics and Falsettosa hilarious and poignant musical which looks at middle-class family dynamics, plus many more!

    Cross-Curricular Resources

    DT+ Impact

    Digital Theatre+ includes 24/7 Access to...

    · 460+ full-length productions – including Digital Theatre’s own exclusive live recordings alongside collections from the likes of BroadwayHD (exclusive education partner), Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare's Globe, Cineplay, Broadway Digital Archive, Royal Opera House, Stage Russia, Stratford Festival, etc…

    · 360+ long-form interviews with industry professionals including actors, directors as well as all backstage staff: lighting technicians, fight coordinators, stage managers et al.

    · 12,500+ pages of expertly written learning resources such as study guides, workshops, lectures and essays all written by leading academics and industry professionals.

    · A dedicated Account Manager and Onboarding team who will provide full support to you throughout your subscription period, providing usage statistics, marketing materials and training sessions for subjects and topics you're covering.

    A Brief Introduction...

    Lewisville ISD Case Study

     ​"I feel compelled to shout from the rooftops, Digital Theatre+ is a must... a necessity!"

    Read the incredible case study written by Missey Head, former Fine Arts coordinator for Lewisville ISD and Immediate Past-President of the TxETA. Click here to access.

    "The theatre teachers and students in Lewisville Independent School District feel blessed to have the resources Digital Theatre+ provides. The content and curriculum provides opportunities for our students to develop their skills in critical, logical, reflective, metacognitive, and creative thinking. We cannot thank Digital Theatre+ enough for the valuable experiences our students are enjoying."

    Florida Thespians Session

    Teaching with Digital Theatre+ inside the Classroom

    Support SEL with DT+

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    Culturally Relevant Content

    Equity content has been a bedrock of the DigitalTheatre+ resource, which should be immediately clear upon entry to our website. There are currently more than 580 diverse and inclusive resources - plays, productions, documentaries, interviews, essays, and graphic novels - on DigitalTheatre+.  

    Digital Theatre+ is also planning to double our content covering racial equity in 2021. Recent additions include episodes of Musical Matters, an issues-led conversation series on diversity and inclusion within musical theatre. Today's line up is George C Wolfe and Nikki Renee Daniels. We recently captured 15 Heroines, a fresh look at Ovid, which has inclusivity and representation at its core across the 15 writers, actors, creatives and crew. 

    Here are additional examples of existing diverse and inclusive content on DigitalTheatre+ (make sure you are logged into with your trial login - request here)

  • Musical Matters. This brand new series explores inclusivity and representation in American musical theatre with artists from historically marginalized communities. You can find the episodes below:
  • Musical Matters: Asian American and Pacific Islander Artists on Inclusivity 
  • Musical Matters: Black Artists on Inclusivity
  • Musical Matters: Deaf and Disabled Artists on Inclusivity
  • Musical Matters: Latin Artists on Inclusivity 
  • Musical Matters: LGBTQ+ Artists on Inclusivity
  • Accompanying resource to facilitate and strengthen learning which you can find here: Musical Matters: Discussion Starters & Extension Activities

  • 4x45 Volume Four: The Theater of Luis Valdez - which was just published. Luis Valdez is regarded as the 'Father of Chicano Theatre', best known for his play Zoot Suit and his theatre company El Teatro Campesino. We have three interviews on his work as well as a lecture from Valdez himself - ideal teaching package for courses on Latinx, American or Political/Activist/Community Theatre. 
  • Luis Valdez on El Teatro Campesino
  • Jorge Huerta interviewed by Leticia Garcia
  • Dr Alma Martinez in Conversation with Michael Chemers
  • Edward James Olmos in Conversation with Michael Chemer
  • Audio recording of the renowned Valdez play Zoot Suit (from the LA Theatre Works collection)

  •  10 short films by writers who all identified as Black. These were captured as part of a project called 10by10, developed and produced by Eclipse Theatre. There's also this awesome interview with Dawn Walton, the company's ex-Chief Executive and Artistic Director.

  • We have a couple of reworked Shakespeare productions including Hamlet and Macbeth that feature a multicultural cast from multicultural theatre company Tara Arts and this wonderful interview with the company's first Artistic Director, Jatinder Verma.

  •  King Lear: The Film, a Talawa Theatre adaptation. We've got a great set of interviews to support the study of this including one with the wider creative teamMichael Buffong on directingJohanna Town on lighting and Coral Messam on movement. We've also got another with Michael Buffong who talks about the company more generally.

  • LA Theatre Works have also licensed the audio production of Oslo to us, a rollicking take on modern diplomacy which tells the story of a Norwegian social scientist and his diplomat wife who try a new tactic to break the long-standing deadlock of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

  • Donmar Warehouse Trilogy - all-female and ethnically diverse cast for 3 productions: Julius Caesar, The Tempest and Henry IV, and there's loads of great interviews and study packs etc. to go with these as well

  • Both the Shakespeare's Globe and BroadwayHD versions of Romeo&Juliet cast the Montagues and Capulets as a white versus black rivalry 

  • The new BroadwayHD collection has some particularly great pieces, such as Pipeline, on the challenges facing Black and Brown youths in the American education system, shining the light on the school-to-prison pipeline, and Falsettos, a musical exploring homosexuality and the AIDS crisis

  • Beautiful Thing - a show (and assoc. study materials) about two working class South East London boys falling in love

  • Contemporary Performance Practice interview w/ Lois Weaver, exploring themes of class, gender politics and sexuality

  • World of Performance - an audio interview series hosted by Richard Gough, featuring some incredible theatre-makers from around the world (Hong Kong, Singapore, Lebanon, India).
  • Additionally, here's a few other things to look at:

  • Malabar Masque: A Study of Kathakali
  • Kabuki for the West
  • Kabuki for the West - Bibliography and Further Materials
  • Jana Sanskriti: A Theatre On the Field
  • And suggested searches to try for productions in other languages. 

  • Stage Russia
  • Cineplay 
  • Metamorphosis
  • World theatre

  • Thank You! Questions?

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    Charlie Rea, Teacher Contact (Southern Florida)

    Brenna Castagna, District Leadership Contact